#LD40 Devlog Update

My son and I did some brainstorming for the Theme, "The More You Have The Worse It Is".

So we decided to make a collector, shooter mashup.

The idea behind the game is that the World has too much greed, too many politicians, too much money and too many North Korean leaders with Nuclear Weapons. There is only one person who can truly save us from all of this, of course, it's Chuck Norris.

Chuck has been given orders from the President to rid the World of his problems. His problems include, not enough money, his tax return forms, phone email leaks, politicians who won't work with him, and of course World Dictators like The Great Leader, Putin, etc. Check Norris must take to the skies and collect everything taken from the President. But the more he carries, the slower he gets, and then he wont be able to evade those missiles coming from the Great Leader. Luckily Chuck has drop off facilities scattered throughout the World for just this occasion. He can drop off the loot and continue to chase the plane for more.

I have attached a mock-up of the game, tonight I am going to finish prepping the game workflow and getting started coding the mechanics first thing in the morning.

Get LD40 Chuck Norris will Make America Great Again

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