Made for LudumDare 38.

You are Hank of the Small World Mining Company, and your job is to travel to different planets looking for the resources hidden beneath the surface of each Small World.


Arrow Keys = Movement
Spacebar = Action

Your mining cart will follow you wherever you go. You can only hold one resource at a time.


When cart is over empty tile = mine
When cart is carrying an item = drop resource
When cart is over another resource = swap resources

Walking over mined resource will pick it up

Bring mined resources back to the ship. When you have collected all the resource for a World, the Ship will take you to the next World.

Complete all ten Worlds to Win the game.

Have Fun.

Release History

2017.05.02 - Fixed Keyboard mapping on Win/Lin/Mac Versions
2017.05.01 - Fixed Resolution on WebGL Version
2017.04.25 - Added Mac and Linux Versions
2017.04.24 - First release (small bug fix added after jam ended)


Download 11 MB
Download 14 MB
Download 29 MB